Revit Architecture Handbook (2017) por Azuko Technical Institute

Revit Architecture Handbook (2017) por Azuko Technical Institute

Titulo del libro: Revit Architecture Handbook (2017)

Autor: Azuko Technical Institute

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Azuko Technical Institute con Revit Architecture Handbook (2017)

Welcome to wonderful journey to learn first part of a BIM software.What is BIM?Before the invent of CAD software, civil engineers and architects used to manually create 3D view of the structure. With advent of Revit software, we create 3D model and draw many views from same model. It not only reduces efforts but also reduces manual errors. Additionally it also provides estimates and other benefits you will realise as you go along. What a reader may expect from this handbook?1.Introduction to BIM (Building information modelling)2.Instruction to get the software and review of its capabilities3.Introduction to graphical user interface (GUI) of Revit Architecture4.Configuration of Revit architecture to work as your companies need.5.Starting with basic modelling tools to make simple models6.Detailing of the model with text, dimensions, tag, colour scheme, area scheme, material estimation, etc.7.Different types of views, visual styles, object style, and groups8.Material, texture effects, Porting of files, making of sites, and more.You will learn the software with help of 30 interview type MCQ and 9 industry level exercises to include rendering such that you are industry ready on Revit Architecture.

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